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Soledad teaches Pumpkin to drive all by herself with just a few small instructions from the trainer!  Next year she hopes to drive in the Ojai 4th of July parade!

Ready to visit the ranch?Download our Release and Waiver of Liability at the link below.

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Susan Gruber has always had a dream of helping children and horses!  Horses Heart and Soul is the place to do this!  She enjoys spreading her love of horses to all who will listen.  Often she finds a horse that is special and can help teach many valuble lessons even though someone else thinks they have value no longer.

She also loves watching a young person gain assertiveness and self reliance through horsemanship and sharing with a child who might not otherwise had had this experience.

Susan has over 40 years of hands on experience and has been a state and national champion.  She also is the president of a local horse club that supports the introductory horseman!

If she is not teaching she can be seen riding a young horse, or feeding at her boarding stable. Its always about the horses and kids!

Katelynn Homb is the newest addition to the Horses Heart and Soul team. An accomplished horsewoman, Katelynn enjoys sharing her passion with new riders, and emphasizes the importance of sportsmanship, safety, and fun! A graduate of the University of Texas at San Antonio, Katelynn is also an active member of ETI Corral 57.

The Ojai Valley Youth Foundation brings the STAR CLUB for an afternoon at the ranch.